Out of Shame into Dignity


I grew up in a deeply broken family, heavily burdened with generational woundedness and curses. My childhood was violent and traumatic and left its mark on me.

All the years of disjointed and bruised life caused great instability in me as an adult. I was a drifting object. Surviving was my daily life.

Alone and desperate, I shouted my anger against this unknown God. “I don’t know who you are. Where were you when I was five years old, when I was raped and abandoned by everyone, when I was placed in the orphanage? Where were you when I was put into prostitution? If you exist, do something for me!”

Nothing happened at the time, but in the days that followed, I felt a great sweetness invade me. Benevolent security enveloped me. I heard a voice say to me, “Dan, Jesus loves you. It hurts Him to see you destroy your own life.” These words echoed through my spirit. I answered Him, “Give me the strength to stop causing You to suffer. I don’t know how.”

Suddenly a flood of words which I did not understand sprung from my mind that night. My view of myself and others changed. I felt worthy of being loved. Someone trusted me! This encounter with Jesus Christ created new life in my mind.

Since then I have been on a journey of healing, growth and development. Jesus has taught me many things about how to walk out of the shame and fear of failure and to enter the dignity He offers to each one of us. My desire in this class is to share some of those truths with you, and to walk alongside of you in your own journey of healing.

When our spirit is purified, healed and restored, it regains its original nobility. Then, the Holy Spirit has full freedom of expression in and through us.

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Course Instructor

Daniele Schmidlin

My early life was one of intense pain and challenges. But in my darkest hours, Jesus met me. I cried out in my frustration and anger, hoping to get some kind of response from a seemingly absent God. And Jesus did not return my anger with His own, He came with tenderness and love. It is with great joy that I share my journey with others, to help them along the way of discovering the Love that IS our God, and restoring the dignity and beauty of spirit that has been lost along the way.

Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this course are listed below.
[Required Listening] [Suggested Resources] DE LA TERREUR À LA GRÂCE – Dan Smyne (Daniele Schmidlin) Autobiography written in French