Life Skills

Out of Shame into Dignity Level II (LS010B-2)

Shame is a useful emotion but when it is uncontrollable, it can be dangerous.

Like all emotions, shame has a function: it helps us to remember that there are rules and standards to respect.

All emotions can get out of control. For example, fear can turn into a fear disease called a “phobia”. Shame, too, can get out of hand. We don't have a specific name for these "shame diseases". I call it toxic shame.

Toxic shame eats away at a person from the inside out and affects every aspect of their life. Many people are not even aware of what they are feeling, and of those who are, many are unable to verbalize it clearly and understand it.

The consequences of are often devastating and long-lasting. The most common problems a person has are guilt and false responsibility, a constant sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction, self-neglect and destruction, social anxieties, interpersonal problems, chronic isolation, and difficulty trusting. Toxic or unhealthy relationships and difficulty setting boundaries are also common problems.

Toxic shame illegally settles in our spirit, neurons, brain, thoughts, soul, and body.

Arthur's Perspective
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Course Instructor
Daniele Schmidlin

I am deeply rooted in the Word of God and committed to walking my journey with Jesus Christ. As I have learned to walk in the principles I have discovered in the Bible, my spirit has become more and more anchored in the dignity that flows from knowing Him. I am eager to share the same tools with others. My spirit is free and vibrant in celebrating the magnificence of God. I can be my authentic, zany, passionate, heroic, creative and insatiably curious self with great joy that fills me every day!

Contact Info
You will need to send a friend request before the meetings to Daniele's Skype address, which is: sanou423.

Course Prerequisites
The prerequisites for this course are listed below.

[Required Listening]

  • Nurturing Your Spirit: Basic Seminar
    Your spirit should be stronger than your soul and able to impact your soul and body. Here are tools for engaging the spirit in transformational ways.

  • Deliverance from Mental Turmoil & Blockages
    This album provides teaching and deliverance prayer regarding the Queen of Heaven, who exacerbates the feeling of abandonment, and about the Antichrist spirit.

  • Doing Deliverance on Your Brain
    Deliverance for your brain needs different tools. This album shows the theory, then allows you to witness three live demos, with remarkable results.

[Required Reading]
Terror to Grace by Dan Smyne

Please note: If you purchase this course and have NOT fulfilled the prerequisites by the beginning of the first class, you will be removed from the course and charged a 20% penalty.

Time & Dates
Classes are 3:00 PM CET Central European Time and will last 90 minutes via Skype.

  • August 7, 2022

  • August 21, 2022

  • September 04, 2022

  • September 18, 2022

  • October 02, 2022

Class Size
4-10 participants
  • Time & Dates of Class Sessions
  • Exploring applicable concepts from the book "Terror to Grace"
  • Dealing with false responsibility and toxic guilt
  • Shedding shame and overcoming fear of failure
  • Addressing beliefs that can cloud your spirit
  • Building a fortress of justice in your spirit
  • Bringing the reconcilation power of forgiveness to your story
  • Understanding and developing the colors of your emotions and spirit
  • Learning how to be responsible for perceptions, paradigms, and beliefs
  • Developing a deep sense of inner security and calm in spirit, soul, and body
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed