Human Spirit

The Power of Feeling Loved (HS006D)

We were made to feel the love of God, not just know it.

Knowledge is great for dissertations, but it is a lousy substitute for emotional groundedness. When the going gets rough, we need to feel the living heartbeat of God's love and life within us. If all we have is knowledge, we often cave to self-medicating the powerlessness or making fear based choices. Neither of those options are particularly useful to God or to us.

This course is designed to address one of the many reasons why our emotions can’t engage with the truth. It goes back to the Garden and the legitimacy that Adam and Eve lost when they sinned. We have been haunted by that loss ever since, and the enemy is quick to lie to us about how to get it back. When those lies are believed and acted upon, it opens the door to generational curses. Some of those generational beliefs and curses may be blocking you from experiencing an intimate relationship with God now.

The class begins with an exploration of the seven foundational legitimacy lies. The enemy relentlessly questions God's goodness. Does He really care? Do we have value? Why did He make us? We look at the wrong behavior that flows out of the lies, and the curses that can be activated. The good news is that for every lie, there is the opposite truth about God’s love! Each one speaks into the core of your value in God’s eyes. For each flavor of truth, I will share a blessing for your spirit to receive it. The final step is to develop strategy to build virtue and activate the blessings.

Emotional groundedness is vital. Where are you in your journey from head to heart? There is power in feeling loved by God. It guards us from the lies of the enemy and it is a transformational force within us and through us into the Kingdom. Let’s lean into this vital and foundational part of the journey so that we can walk in the fullness of joy and dominion.

You are welcome to take this class with your spouse. Our legitimacy plays a huge role in relationships, not to mention the spiritual impact of curses and blessings that come into a marriage covenant. One registration will cover both individuals.

Arthur's Perspective
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Course Instructor
Megan Caldecourt

Much of my life was defined by trying to earn love – whether it was from God, my peers, or the authorities over me. I simply could not wrap my mind, let alone my emotions, around the idea that I could be loved as I am. I have made much headway over the years, but it is an ongoing journey to rest in the surety and unchangeable nature of God’s love. I believe it is vitally important for each of us to intentionally embrace the process of receiving His love on the level of our spirit. So many of our motives and much of our behavior flow from this one pursuit: feeling loved. How will our lives and our legacy be defined?

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Course Details and Prerequisites
The course will be a series of videos and interactive homework assignments that are designed to take you through the negative and positive elements of each principle, with a focus on real life examples and practical ways that you can reject the lies of the enemy and build an emotional connection to the truth. Each week I will have “office hours” where there will be an opportunity to connect with me and others in the group to ask questions and share feedback.

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Please note: If you purchase this course and have NOT fulfilled the prerequisites by the beginning of the first class, you will be removed from the course and charged a 20% penalty.

Time & Dates
Regular “Office” Hours: 2:00-4:00 PM ET on Zoom on Sundays.

  • August 6, 2022 at 3:00 PM ET on Zoom: Introductory Group Call

  • October 8, 2022 at 3:00 PM ET on Zoom: Final Group Call

Class Size
4-10 participants
  • Week 1 (August 7-13): The Root of Legitimacy
  • 01 Legitimacy: Introduction
  • 02 Legitimacy: The Goodness of God
  • 03 Legitimacy: Definition
  • 04 Legitimacy: Assignments
  • Tools for Change
  • Assignment #1: The Five Areas of Legitimacy
  • Assignment #2: Legitimacy Statements
  • Assignment #3: Legitimacy Crutches
  • Assignment #4: Realistic Implementation
  • 05 Legitimacy: Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Legitimacy Spirit Blessing
  • Week 2 (August 14-20): When Your Best is Not Good Enough
  • Prophet: Introduction
  • Prophet: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior
  • Prophet: Assignments
  • P Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Problem Solving
  • P Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Prophet: The Aramean Curse
  • P Assignment #3: Aramean Curse: Do I Have It?
  • Prophet: Renunciation
  • P Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Prophet: The Truth of God's Love
  • Prophet: Assignments
  • P Assignment #5: When Your Best Wasn't Good Enough
  • P Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Prophet: The Right Behavior
  • Prophet: Spirit Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Prophet Spirit Blessing
  • Prophet: The Blessing of Hosea
  • P Assignment #7: Blessing of Hosea: Do I Have It?
  • P Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 3 (August 21-27): When You Fail as a Parent
  • Servant: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior
  • Servant: Assignments
  • S Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Building a Platform
  • S Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Servant: The Moabite Curse
  • S Assignment #3: Moabite Curse: Do I Have It?
  • Servant: Renunciation
  • S Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Servant: The Truth of God's Love
  • Servant: Assignments
  • S Assignment #5: When you Failed as a Parent
  • S Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Servant: The Right Behavior
  • Servant: Assignments
  • Servant: Spirit Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Servant Spirit Blessing
  • Servant: The Blessing of Esther
  • S Assignment #7: Blessing of Esther: Do I Have It?
  • S Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 4 (August 28-September 3): When You are Wrong
  • Teacher: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 1
  • Teacher: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 2
  • Teacher: Assignments
  • T Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Knowing
  • T Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Teacher: The Philistine Curse
  • T Assignment #3: Philistine Curse: Do I Have It?
  • Teacher: Renunciation
  • T Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Teacher: The Truth Of God's Love
  • T Assignment #5: When You Were Wrong
  • T Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Teacher: The Right Behavior
  • Teacher: Spirit Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Teacher Spirit Blessing
  • Teacher: Assignments
  • Teacher: The Blessing of Daniel
  • T Assignment #7: Blessing of Daniel: Do I Have It?
  • T Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 5 (September 4-September 10): When Nobody Likes You
  • Exhorter: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 1
  • Exhorter: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 2
  • Exhorter: Assignments
  • E Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Being Liked
  • E Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Exhorter: The Canaanite Curse
  • E Assignment #3: Canaanite Curse: Do I Have It?
  • Exhorter: Renunciation
  • E Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Exhorter: The Truth About God's Love
  • E Assignment #5: When Nobody Likes You
  • E Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Exhorter: The Right Behavior
  • Exhorter: Spirit Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Exhorter Spirit Blessing
  • Exhorter: Assignments
  • Exhorter: The Blessing of Moses
  • E Assignment #7: Blessing of Moses: Do I Have It?
  • E Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 6 (September 11-September 17): When You are Needy
  • Giver: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 1
  • Giver: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 2
  • Giver: Assignments
  • G Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Being Needed
  • G Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Giver: The Midianite Curse
  • G Assignment #3: Midianite Curse: Do I Have It?
  • Giver: Renunciation
  • G Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Giver: The Truth About God's Love
  • Giver: Assignments
  • G Assignment #5: When Nobody Needs You
  • G Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Giver: The Right Behavior
  • Giver: Spirit Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Giver Spirit Blessing
  • Giver: The Blessing of Job
  • G Assignment #7: Blessing of Job: Do I Have It?
  • G Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 7 (September 18-September 24): When You are Powerless
  • Ruler: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 2
  • Ruler: The Legitimacy Lie & Wrong Behavior Part 2
  • Ruler: Assignments
  • R Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Having Power
  • R Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Ruler: The Curse of Jotham
  • R Assignment #3: Curse of Jotham: Do I Have It?
  • Ruler: Renunciation
  • R Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Ruler: The Truth of God's Love
  • Ruler: Assignments
  • R Assignment #5: When You Are Powerless
  • R Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Ruler: The Right Behavior
  • Ruler: Spirit Blessings
  • *Downloadable Audio: Ruler Spirit Blessing
  • Ruler: Assignments
  • Ruler: Blessing of Nehemiah
  • R Assignment #7: Blessing of Nehemiah: Do I Have It?
  • R Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 8 (September 25-October 1): When You Try to Buy God’s Favor
  • Mercy: The Legitimacy Lie
  • Mercy: The Wrong Behavior
  • Mercy: Assignments
  • M Assignment #1: Legitimacy in Buying Favor
  • M Assignment #2: See it in Others
  • Mercy: The Ammonite Curse
  • M Assignment #3: Ammonite Curse: Do I Have It?
  • Mercy: Renunciation
  • M Assignment #4: Renunciation
  • Mercy: The Truth of God's Love
  • Mercy: Assignments
  • M Assignment #5: When You Haven't Earned Favor
  • M Assignment #6: Where is it in Scripture?
  • Mercy: The Right Behavior
  • Mercy: Spirit Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Mercy Spirit Blessing
  • Mercy: Assignments
  • Mercy: The Blessing of John
  • M Assignment #7: Blessing of John: Do I Have It?
  • M Assignment #8: Realistic Implementation
  • Week 9 (October 2-October 8): The Future
  • The Future: Why Do This?
  • The Future: The Mercy Season
  • The Future: Congruence
  • TF Assignment #1: Recognizing Congruence
  • The Future: Intimacy
  • TF Assignment #2: Building Intimacy
  • The Future: Essence
  • The Future: Assignment
  • TF Assignment #3: Where is There More?
  • The Future: Life of God
  • TF Assignment #4: Where Does the Life Flow?
  • The Future: Closing Blessing
  • *Downloadable Audio: Closing Spirit Blessing
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed