Human Spirit

Your Spirit Coaching (HS003)

In Your Spirit 101, we focused on following the lead of the Holy Spirit in order to cleanse and solidify the unique design of our God-given human spirit. We received from the Lord as He took the initiative, and we learned to respond in the way that we were designed by Him to respond. We moved as the Bride, at the initiative of the Bridegroom.

In Your Spirit Coaching, we will build on that foundation, and move into the position of Sonship. We will be applying principles from scripture to intentionally work toward deepening and maturing our human spirit, and actively learning how to release that to someone else, in addition to receiving it ourselves. The goal is to hone our skills, both in diagnostics and execution, and to come into a deeper maturity in working with the human spirit.

Coaching sessions will meet once a month for an hour, and you will have weekly assignments to do in between each session. There will be three pairs of teammates in each class.

You will need a teammate. This could be a spouse, a friend, one of your children, someone who was in one of the STC classes with you, etc.. If you would like to reconnect with someone from your 101 class, I can connect you. At least one of the partners needs to have completed the "Your Spirit 101" class.

If you are interested:

1) Find a teammate to take the class with you

2) Register for the class (only one tuition fee covers the two of you; you can split it up however you want between you!) You and your teammate can either have one of you register & then split the cost, or each register and pay the half registration of $75. Either way, you will both be registered for the course.

3) Email me at to see what class times are available.

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Course Instructor
Cynthia Harris

I love helping people connect with God in new and deeper ways. Each person has a unique design, intricate and one-of-a-kind. Your journey with God will be different than anyone else's.

But all of us have been given a human spirit, and our spirit is designed to learn how to align with God's spirit for intimacy, wisdom, and direction. Learning how to recognize and commune with your own human spirit is a major game-changer for everything else in life. For me, it changed EVERYTHING.

I am excited about offering this course which will teach the basics of learning to partner with the human spirit, and of learning to nurture and help your spirit to grow. Many of us have found that this is where you begin to unpack some of the deepest treasures of who you are, and what God has placed in you for His own pleasure and glory. Hope you can join us!

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  • Successful completion of class "Your Spirit 101", or permission of instructor.

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  • All units must be completed