Life Skills

Independent Study: Establish Order (LS001IND)

Is the clutter and chaos in your world so daunting you have no idea where to begin, and would most people not believe your situation if you tried to explain? More than a few sturdy shovels, do you need a bulldozer to address the mess you face? This course is designed to provide private, personalized coaching for your specific issues.

Whether you have hoarding issues that make rooms unusable or you have boxes stacked floor to ceiling that make you feel ill when thinking of the daunting task to unpack them, there is help available. This Independent Study is an ideal match for those who recognize their need for a personal coach rather than a group setting. We will find the solutions necessary to bring the degree of order you need. You can expect hard work, which will require massive amounts of time, but conquering the chaos is possible.

As we address the physical changes needed, we will also seek to identify the root of the problem. Let’s do this together!

If you are interested in participating in this course, you must apply before registering, sharing your situation and beginning a dialog to determine if this course is a good fit for you.

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Course Instructor
Sandy Brannon

Working with others to bring order to messy situations, regardless of size, has been a passion for my entire life. It gives me great pleasure to walk with those who are determined to work hard until their goals are achieved.

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Course Prerequisites
The prerequisites for this course are listed below.

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[Other Requirements]

  • Submit an application and have dialog with Sandy BEFORE registering for the course.

  • Have an accountability partner in place.

Please note: If you purchase this course and have NOT fulfilled the prerequisites by the beginning of the first class, you will be removed from the course and charged a 20% penalty.

Time & Dates
This course consists of eight private coaching sessions which will be scheduled once we have discussed a unique strategy for your individual situation.

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  • All units must be completed