For Mercies by a Mercy (DE001F)
For Mercies by a Mercy (DE001F)
Growth Growth is hard. Selah. But life with God is much about our growth. We all experience pain, yes, but it is our choice to a great extent as to what kind of pain it will ultimately be. Will it be "productive pain" that we leverage...
The Power of Feeling Loved (HS006D)
Human Spirit
The Power of Feeling Loved (HS006D)
We were made to feel the love of God, not just know it. Knowledge is great for dissertations, but it is a lousy substitute for emotional groundedness. When the going gets rough, we need to feel the living heartbeat of God's love and life...
Life in the Word: Independent Study (LS008)
Life Skills
Life in the Word: Independent Study (LS008)
The Word of God was given as an outrageously generous source of light and life for believers. Described as being alive and active, a sword, imbued with surgical precision, the Word of God is a valuable weapon and tool. Those who learn to plumb...
Out of Shame into Dignity Level II (LS010B-2)
Life Skills
Out of Shame into Dignity Level II (LS010B-2)
Shame is a useful emotion but when it is uncontrollable, it can be dangerous. Like all emotions, shame has a function: it helps us to remember that there are rules and standards to respect. All emotions can get out of control. For example,...
Embrace Your Destiny: Independent Study (LS011)
Life Skills
Embrace Your Destiny: Independent Study (LS011)
Over ten years ago I decided that my past will not determine my future. I embarked on a continuous journey of letting go of the things that consumed me. The act of forgiveness is first and foremost the gift that I give to myself. Hatred...

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