Pursuing AWE (DE002C)
Pursuing AWE (DE002C)
Awe is the first step towards wisdom, but wisdom in itself is not the final destination. Wisdom merely opens the door to revelation that flows from an intimate knowledge of God’s heart. Who is this God who risked everything on two humans,...
Establish Order (LS001D)
Life Skills
Establish Order (LS001D)
This class is designed for those who desire to bring physical order to problem areas and have not found success . . . yet! Perhaps you struggle getting started or even knowing where to start. If you were able to get started, maybe you found...
Independent Study: Establish Order (LS001IND)
Life Skills
Independent Study: Establish Order (LS001IND)
Is the clutter and chaos in your world so daunting you have no idea where to begin, and would most people not believe your situation if you tried to explain? More than a few sturdy shovels, do you need a bulldozer to address the mess you face? ...
Independent Study: Spiritual Treasures of Essential Oils (LS006)
Life Skills
Independent Study: Spiritual Treasures of Essential Oils (LS006)
You have diligently learned the basic spiritual profile of each essential oil, and have had success crafting your own protocols for various issues. However, there is a deep yearning within you for more understanding on how to use essential...
Life in the Word: Independent Study (LS008)
Life Skills
Life in the Word: Independent Study (LS008)
The Word of God was given as an outrageously generous source of light and life for believers. Described as being alive and active, a sword, imbued with surgical precision, the Word of God is a valuable weapon and tool. Those who learn to plum its...
Fundamentals of Restoring Land (RC002F)
Reconciling Creation
Fundamentals of Restoring Land (RC002F)
Are you on a piece of property that needs some spiritual cleansing, but you don’t know where to start? There are a lot of tools for healing the land, but sometimes the greatest challenge lies in finding and interpreting the data and then...
Independent Study:  Restoring Land (RC004)
Reconciling Creation
Independent Study: Restoring Land (RC004)
You’ve learned the basics about restoring land and you have some dirt under your fingernails. But now you want to take it to the next level. Maybe it is because you have a hunger to grow and you know this is part of your design, or maybe...