About You

SLG Training is for unusual people;

On a convoluted journey;

Who need uncommon resources.

It is not a mothering place where you are taught information in a user friendly manner.

It is a fathering place, where the treasures of your essence will be unpacked and you will be trained for excellence.

You need to already be on an intentional journey and to have high exposure to the materials from Sapphire Leadership Group, BEFORE taking one of these classes.

You will get no diploma or degree. But if you work hard, you will become more dangerous.

These classes are not for those who are still in the fragile season of their journey. The homework will be life application and can be expected to be painful and expensive.

Also highly transformational.

That is because the classes are very small and every person will be engaged by the teacher rigorously. No one audits a class!