About Us

Sapphire Training is a life lab, not a class.

It is not about data transfer.

It is about coaching you in becoming more expansively you.

The trainers have been chosen because they have lived their topics.

Their high life experience brings the moral and spiritual authority to challenge you vigorously.

And they will.

Each class is a stand-alone unit designed to fit the needs of a very small number of people. There is no ideal sequence of classes. There is no comprehensive coverage of course topics. There is no overarching schedule.

As we have teachers who have lived the life they are talking about, we will schedule courses.

And when we don’t, we won’t.

It is that simple.

Simply put, course offerings and schedules will be quite random, so you need to check from time to time to see what is offered.

There is no certificate issued, no degree offered.

We are not certified, validated, endorsed or legitimized by any organization anywhere.

The school will be messy for three reasons:

  • It is a start up and we are assuredly still blind to many of the glitches that will be discovered by you!

  • It is about growth, not learning, and growth is a legendarily non-linear process.

  • The students are from our Tribe, and our Tribe is, and always will be, quite messy – because we are authentic about our journey.